Richard Amend

Richard Amend, Painter

Wyatt Amend

Wyatt Amend, Ceramist

Jannene Behl

May 11th Saturday Artist:
Jannene Behl, Pastel Painter

Christine Apostolina Beirne

Christine Apostolina Beirne
Palette Knife Painter

Brian Berman

Brian Berman, Sculptor

Ingrid Boulting

Ingrid Boulting, Painter

Cindy Pitou Burton

Cindy Pitou Burton, Photographer

Kent Butler

Kent Butler, Painter

Sharon Butler

Sharon Butler, Painter

Eilam Byle

Eilam Byle, Woodworker, Painter

Stephen Carter

Stephen Carter, Painter

Gayel Childress

Gayel Childress, Painter
June 8th Second Saturday Open Studio

Bert Collins

May 11th Saturday Artist:
Bert Collins, Pastel Painter

Jeffrey Crussell

Jeffrey Crussell, Mixed Media

Duane Dammeyer

Duane Dammeyer, Stone Sculptor

Bernadette Di Pietro

Bernadette Di Pietro, Mixed Media

Stephen Edwards

Stephen Edwards, Sculptor

Duane Eells

Duane Eells, Painter

Maudette Ball Finck

Maudette Ball Finck, Painter

Richard Flores

Richard Flores, Ceramicist & Glass Artist

Richard Franklin

Richard Franklin, Ceramist
June 8th Second Saturday Open Studio

Valerie Freeman

Valerie Freeman, Sculptor
June 8th Second Saturday Open Studio

Theodore Gall

Theodore Gall, Sculptor

Wrona Gall

Wrona Gall, Mixed Media

Sooz Glazebrook

May 11th Saturday Artist:
Sooz Glazebrook, ceramist

Donna Granata

Donna Granata, Photographer

Carlos Grasso

Carlos Grasso, Visual and Textural Explorer, Abstracts, Mixed Media
June 8th Second Saturday Open Studio

Pamela Grau

Pamela Grau, Mixed Media

Kristina Grey

Kristina Grey, Painter

Susan Guy

Susan Guy, Painter

Andrea Haffner

May 11th Saturday Artist:
Andrea Haffner, Mixed Media

Ray Harding

Ray Harding, Painter

Gale E Hayman

Gale E. Hayman – Painter

Hallie Katz

Hallie Katz, Jewelry Designer

Patrish Keubler

Patrish Keubler, Pastel Painter

Rex Kochel

Rex Kochel, Watercolor

Tanya Kovaleski

Tanya Kovaleski, Sculptor

Lesley Laine

Lesley Laine, Mixed Media

Shahastra Levy

Shahastra Levy, Painter

Karen K Lewis

Karen K Lewis, Painter

Douglas Lochner

Douglas Lochner, Sculptor

Sherry Loehr

Sherry Loehr, Painter

Vera Long

May 11th Saturday Artist:
Vera Long, Painter

Greta Lovina

Greta Lovina, Clothing Designer

Deborah Lyon

Deborah Lyon, Photographer

Jeff Mann

Jeff Mann

Patty McFall

Patty McFall, Jewelry Designer, Sculptor

Rick Monzon

Rick Monzon, Painter

Martha Moran

May 11th Saturday Artist:
Martha Moran, Sculptor

Marta Nelson

Marta Nelson, Painter

Mary Neville

Mary Neville, Abstract Painter

Devin Oatway

Devin Oatway, Painter

Joanne Pavlak

Joanne Pavlak

Mariana Peirano

May 11th Saturday Artist:
Mariana Peirano, painter

Fanny Penny

May 11th Saturday Artist:
Fanny Penny

James Petrucci

May 11th Saturday Artist:
James Petrucci, Painter

Sylvia Raz

Sylvia Raz, Mixed Media

Mick Reinman

Mick Reinman

Burt Severy

Burt Severy, Sculptor

Carol Shaw-Sutton

Carol Shaw-Sutton, Fiber Artist

Joseph Sohm

Joseph Sohm, Photographer

Amy Lynn Stevenson

Amy Lynn Stevenson, Painter

Susan Stinsmuehlen Amend

Susan Stinsmuehlen-Amend

Linda Taylor

Linda Taylor, Printmaking

Douglas Tharalson

Douglas Tharalson, Painter

Bruce Tomkinson

Bruce Tomkinson, Ceramist

Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson, Painter

Sandra Torres

Sandra Torres, Ceramist

Myra Toth

May 11th Saturday Artist:
Myra Toth, Sculptor

Sandy Treadwell

Sandy Treadwell, Charcoal Portraits

Elaine Unzicker

Elaine Unzicker, Chain-Metal Artist

Katie Van Horne

Katie Van Horne, Painter

Jules Weissman

May 11th Saturday Artist:
Jules Weissman

Elizabeth White

Elizabeth White, Painter

Nancy Whitman

Nancy Whitman, Painter
June 8th Second Saturday Open Studio

Soni Wright

Soni Wright, Mixed Media Artist

Tickets for the Tour will be available soon!

Annual Tour Oct. 12 -14, 2019

The *36th annual self-guided Ojai Studio Artists Tour – one of the premier art events in California – is set for October 12, 13 & 14. “With painters, sculptors, jewelers, ceramists, a woodworker, digital, glass and fiber artists, the 2019 Studio Tour should be amazing.  As in the past two years, many studios will be open on Monday. 

Over 60 studios throughout the enchanting Ojai Valley will be open each day from 10am to 5pm, with artist demonstrations at select studios. Another highlight is the special “Pre-Tour Artist Profiles” at 7 pm on Friday, October 11 for locals and early arrivals. Led by an OSA artist, the program introduces the work of each Tour artist and is designed to help people plan their Tour schedules.

This year, a special exhibit “Origins” will be at the Ojai Valley Museum. The Gala Reception will also be held there on Saturday night and is  (free) to all Tour artists and ticket-holders. The event is both an opportunity to socialize with OSA artists and a fundraiser for OSA’s “ArtReach Program,” featuring beautiful raffle baskets filled with original OSA art and fine local products, such as Ojai honey, olive oil and lavender.

Proceeds from the Tour and Raffle fund OSA’s youth art scholarships and funding for community arts needs.

Tour tickets are $35 in advance, $40 day of event, $25/person for groups of 10 or more, $15 for students, 17 & under free, and cover studio visits all three days and admission to Saturday’s Reception and Sunday Social. Tickets and Tour brochures will be available starting in April at

The Ojai Studio Artists Tour has a rich legacy, from early days which included Beatrice Wood, Horace Bristol and Otto and Vivica Heino, to today’s membership of distinguished, award-winning artists.

Come experience one of California’s very first studio tours with a rich variety of artists in a valley known for its beauty and charm, great restaurants and shops and currently one of the most desired traveler destinations in the nation.

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