Duane Eells, an L.A. born representational artist, paints portraits, figures and landscapes.

His mother, an oil painter, exposed him to the fine arts early, and enrolled him in painting and drawing classes at the age of 10. Eells studied art and design at California State University Northridge, Humboldt State University and Ventura College, as well as at a number of workshops throughout Southern California. 

Eells spent many years in the study of academic drawing and painting in the classical tradition, and recently in contemporary art styles. He merges these disparate styles into his paintings which are a blending of representation and abstraction.

In his portraits, Eells captures the essence and emotion of those he paints.  He uses bold and aggressive strokes that are tempered with an adherence to traditional drawing principles. His landscapes lean more towards abstraction than realism. He aims to capture the life and energy of the land he paints.

Eells works out of his studio in Ojai California.





Fast Faces

Fast Faces

I’ve been challenging myself with ‘speed’ painting as an exercise to improve my drawing skills, explore color pallets and experiment with a variety of techniques. About a month ago I began painting portraits with a time limit of 3 hours. Most of them are about 2...

Animals Are Great

Animals Are Great

This is a portrait of Sacagawea. I love painting our animal friends. They are the best. Never has an animal I've painted questioned the composition, color, or even likeness of their portrait. Every animal friend I’ve painted has loved their portrait and some have been...


egg•head noun a person who is highly academic or studious; an intellectual. Last year as I toured the Ojai Valley Inn admiring the dozen OSA-member-designed giant eggs, I wondered what I would come up with if I were ever given an egg of my own. Since I only do...

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