Jules Weissman

Jules Weissman

Jules Weissman enjoys leveraging new technologies to place what’s thought of as traditional artwork in a new context. Motivated by experimentation, she looks forward to the unknown when she transfers her digitally-produced work to tangible mediums. Working with cement, concrete, tile, and fibers surfaces, she looks for opportunities to meld new tools & technologies with old materials. Able to best express herself visually, her work focuses around people, and she particularly strives to create portraits that capture humor. Appreciative of the history and ingenuity she’s experienced from travel to foreign environments, she tries to include elements of that sensation within her work and process. Recently, she has begun to use laser cutting & engraving to translate her digital work to fired tiles, cast concrete, and wood tile.

Website: www.julesweissman.com

Phone number: 718-313-2158

Instagram — @wooltowool

Email: julia.s.weissman@gmail.com



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