Working in acrylic and mixed media, Mary Neville builds her canvases into rich layers where there’s much more than meets the eye. “I like to work fast and not let my left brain have time to critique. That being said however, I can labor over a painting for a very long time trying to figure out what wants to come out and then in one moment it all comes together. I love that spontaneity.”

Mary uses her art to explore the concept of how all of us persist in holding on to inner emotional or physical pain for so long that it becomes “our story.”  She often creates paintings under paintings by turn adding to, and then wiping away images so that just a trace remains. She loves the idea that you shouldn’t judge the book by its cover, that what you see is arbitrary to what lies beneath. Mary’s artistic nature has had many guises and paths. She has been an art dealer and Interior designer. She realized that she had been circling around what she really wanted to do which is create her own art. She has been an Ojai, California resident for over a decade.

(805) 798-4269


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