Burt Severy was born in Los Angeles, California in 1952. His family moved to Thousand Oaks, CA in the mid-60s, where he worked in a welding shop and raced motorcycles after school. It was there, while attending Newbury Park High School, that he made his first metal sculpture. 

In 1970, Burt was inducted into the military and after basic training, he was sent on two tours to Vietnam. He also served on the Skylab II Recovery Team. After the United States involvement in Vietnam, he was sent to Iran during the USSR military build-up in the Persian Gulf. In 1974, Burt was released from active duty and decided to take some time off. 

While enjoying his new found freedom, Burt expressed his creativity through sculpting. He began melting coat hangers into various shapes and forms using a welding torch. After a number of various occupations, he continued his craft by sculpting for the entertainment industries and studios. 

In 1994, Burt was in his first group show at Dark’s Art Parlor in Santa Ana, CA. He continued to work in the entertainment industry and show his sculptures in galleries and juried exhibitions regularly. Some of his sculptures are currently found in the private collections of Peter Gabriel, Dennis Hopper, Mark Kostabi, Robert Redford, Tom Waits, Robert Wilson, and David Trulli. 

In 2011 Burt retired from the entertainment industry and moved to Northern California. There he continued to work on his sculptures while restoring a historical Victorian home. After a lengthy back surgery in 2015, Burt sold the Victorian house and moved back to Southern California. In June of 2017 he purchased a house in Oak View, CA. 


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Orbital Restrictor

ISIS by Burt Severy

Technology Restrictor