Hallie Katz

Hallie Katz

Inspired by a teacher in a high school jewelry class, Hallie studied art and metalsmithing at Cal State Northridge, and then promptly rented a studio in the San Fernando Valley. From 1970 to 1980 she and her husband, Stan, taught all facets of jewelry making to hobbyists and professionals and sold jewelry supplies.        

In 1980 they moved to Ojai to become partners in a gallery started by friends 5 years earlier. Hallie began producing a line of silver and gold jewelry, and sold her work at juried craft shows, galleries, museums and gift shops around the country.     

She and her husband became sole owners of HumanArts Gallery in 1991, and they focused on showing a variety of fine crafts with an emphasis on jewelry. Hallie’s career as an Ojai jewelry designer began to grow.  

Using fabrication and lost wax casting techniques she works in silver and gold, often incorporating clients’ gems to create a special piece of jewelry that has meaning, fits their lifestyle, and makes a unique statement.




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