Layers, color and objects create tension as chaos is attempted to be controlled and/or surrendered on the surface of Lesley Laine’s work.  The artist constructs her personal language by using line, shape and found objects to create a dialogue. Currently, the dialogue addresses the continuity of life and explores the concept of control and surrender.  “I love my time in the studio throwing paint on the surface, listening to classical, jazz or some sort of funky blues as I create my work. The fact that I am lucky enough to make art and support my life here in the magical Ojai Valley is beyond description.  Let’s just say, I smile a lot,” confessed Ms. Laine.

Lesley Laine earned her BFA in Fine Art from Florida Atlantic University, Summa Cum Laude in 2006. Over the course of her art career and in addition to her studio practice, Ms. Laine has been a gallery owner and professional artist consultant.  Her paintings have been exhibited in numerous galleries, art centers and museums throughout Florida and Southern California as well as are part of many personal collections.  You can visit her studio by appointment by calling (805) 666-5123.

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