Burt Severy Sculptor

I was born in Los Angeles County and then  lived in Venice and Culver City. When I was young my mom would take me to LA Brea Tar Pits and the Museum of Natural History. These outings taught me about history and the arts. They also fed my imagination and were a nice break from the noise and chaos of the city. When I was a teenager our family moved to Thousand Oaks. A few months after graduating from high school I went into the military and five months later I was in combat. These experiences strengthened me and made me yearn for home and a more peaceful life. I returned home at the age of twenty two and was treated with hostility and disrespect.

After several surgeries and many different jobs, I started building custom boats and learned about molds, fiberglass, and colors. This transitioned into a job at a special effects shop in LA building props for Alice Cooper and other interesting clients. I then worked for Walt Disney and Universal Studios making molds and sculpting. I worked in the entertainment industry throughout the next several decades and started showing my art in Los Angeles galleries and juried art exhibitions. I returned to Ventura County in 2017 and felt I had finally returned home. In 2018 the Ojai Studio Artists accepted me into their group and I have been refocusing on my art since then.


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