Mariana Peirano Royuela

Mariana is an award winning figurative artist living in Ojai, California. Born and raised in Argentina, she has spent most of her life in Southern California. Although mainly self taught, she received her basic atelier instruction at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art. Her work reflects a passion for beauty in all it’s forms and a deep concern for the human condition. Preserving the realness of emotions and expressions in the people she paints, she captures humanity in its true form. When she is not painting, Mariana is teaching art at our local elementary schools. She also has private students and offers a variety of art workshops and classes at her studio in Ojai.

Mariana Peirano Painter

Mariana's BLOG

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Excited to be part of this show. I hope you can join us. Pop Up Art Gallery at Delilah 323...

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Sandy Treadwell in Santa Paula Museum’s Show

My charcoal drawing “Passengers” is in a show titled I Am Me: Artists’ Self-Portraits, at the Santa Paula Museum from February 2, 2019 to May 12, 2019. The exhibit features 39 artworks by artists from across California, including OSA members Duane Dammeyer, Ted Gall and Mariana Peirano.

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