So sayeth my good painter pal Mary Neville (of course one starts with a nice piece of work…;)
Kevin Wallace and I were mulling over titles while setting up for my group show with Michael Rohde and Beth Tate (reception 2 – 5 Sat. March 9 – Beato Center for the Arts).  
I'm calling this one Oddity and Curiosity #1.  
Kevin had a more amusing title: The Unpleasurable Dildo.
Martha Moran Oddity of Curiosity #1.jpeg
Kevin came up with the title for this next one: Ghost. 
However, following the same line of thought: AKA: The Unexpectedly Large Dildo.

This next piece reminded me of those "Fascinators" which women idiotically prop on their heads at Royal Weddings. This one is Fascinator for a Southwestern Wedding.   No dildos in sight…    

Martha Moran Fascinator for Southern Wedding.jpeg