“Ojai-Landscape Through the Eye of the Artist

Exhibit at Ojai City Hall and the Ojai Museum, March 18th through May 31st, 2019

G. Childress



I’m not interested in photo realism or an exact reproduction as the public might see the landscape.  I  Like to think I use my heart to see when painting ..

I  feel shapes and colors, textures, and design.   And often time my brush leaves a touch of whimsy when finished.


Gayel Childress, Ojai Studio Artist, will exhibit her Ojai Landscape paintings at the Ojai City Hall, 401 S. Ventura,  and  the Ojai Museum, 130 W. Ojai Ave., Ojai.

Reception at the Ojai City Hall—Thursday, March 21….5:30 to 6:30pm

Reception at the Ojai Museum…3rd Friday,  April 19th….6:00 to 7:00pm

Gayel will be painting in the Ojai Museum site (from March till the end of the Exhibit)  to share her process of starting and finishing a painting.   Call the Museum for her painting schedule…805  640-1390