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Artist for Peace Wins an International Award

Here’s an image of one of my HOLOS designs which I titled Oneness. We are cells in a connected universe.

I am so honored as I just received this 2021 award.

As an “Artist for Peace” my life has focused on ways that art can communicate messages of peace with and without words. I gravitate to sculpture as my voice for peace. Often peace is associated with outer conflicts and the resolution of such conflict. The most common question I ask myself is, "Why can’t we get along with each other?” I came to realize when I was 20 yo, I needed to end the conflict within me. I was taught by some great teachers, that peace begins within. So my life has given me many opportunities to serve others in finding peace within.

Many of you know that my HOLOS design in 2014, led me to envision Ojai as a city of peace. I dedicated my life and my artwork to this vision. In 2015, this goal was realized and proclaimed by the Ojai City Council, yet this accomplishment didn’t end community conflicts. It has opened our opportunities for dialog and peace education. I continually invite and mentor peace builders in other cities to join in and become Cities of Peace. I have been awarded a grant by the City of Ojai to install Peace Poles at all the schools in the Ojai Unified School District. COVID-19 has delayed this project, but I’m happy to say that last month two Peace Poles were completed at Nordhoff High School.

Back in 1991, when I began to explore my life as a sculptor, I was overcoming a major loss and I didn’t know if I wanted to live anymore. I was given a bumper sticker that read, “Art Saves Lives”. What an amazing life I have had, since my art has saved me. It may not be obvious to you how art can save lives, but that is what makes this journey worth living. Please let me know if I can be of support in your path to inner and outer peace.

Brian Berman - AFP - artist for peace

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