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Duane Dammeyer has an exhibit at the Santa Paula Art Museum

Three years of planning and preparation is about to come to fruition with the March 14, 2020 opening of OSA sculptor Duane Dammeyer and Ventura painter Rima Muna's upcoming show at the Santa Paula Art Museum.  The show,  entitled "Inspiration and Influence," explores the stimulation behind both artists' work including common experiences such as travel (Ronda, Spain), hikes (Piedra Blanca), nature (succulents) and the art pieces resulting from those experiences.  The show features more than 20 individual works by each artist.  A highlight of the show is the chance to examine, side-by-side, Rima's paintings and the sculptures which inspired them and Duane's sculptures and the paintings which led to their creation.

The show opens with a premiere reception on March 14, 2020 between 4:00-6:00 pm and continues through July 12, 2020.>">

Duane Dammeyer Dammeyer Sculpture

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