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January is the time for new projects - mine is the EarthHeart pendant. I wanted to give back to the earth and this pendant provided a way to do it. And, I also needed a little help to really get it out into the world. EarthHeart required an extra piece of equipment outside of my budget so I organized a Kickstarter set to launch on February 11 ( The idea is to be able to produce quantities of the EarthHeart pendants and pins so I can offer them to organizations who are willing to give a portion of their proceeds back to climate change initiatives. Both The Ojai Valley Museum and The Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts are already on board. I will be giving half of the proceeds from my sales to the Climate Museum in New York City. And, I’m guessing you’d like to be a part of the project too. Please visit my studio on February 8 to see samples of the pieces. And, for further information, please go to It would be a great help if you supported us on the 11th, the bigger the start, the more likely that Kickstarter will promote our project.




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