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Emily Brown: Glaze Techniques

Updated: Mar 29

The uniqueness of my pottery is due in part to my glaze techniques.  I have been experimenting with layering different glazes and oxides to see how they interact on the pot.  I use a combination of application techniques that include spraying, brushing, dipping, and pouring.   I then fire the pieces to 2345°F, while systematically depriving the kiln of oxygen.  The glazes look completely different before and after I fire them, and I am never completely sure how they are going to come out.

Kiln unloading day is filled with anxious anticipation.  There may be some disasters, always some that are mediocre, and if I'm lucky, I'll pull out something magical that surprises me.  Then, I work diligently through many firing cycles trying to repeat that magic.  Please stop by my studio, I'd love to share my process with you.

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