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Giving Thanks - A Challenging Year for All

I am Giving Thanks, till the end of this year, with a GivingThanks coupon for 20% off any of my HOLOS Amulets. Please go to to see what I am creating with this design that enhances Love, Peace, and Unity. Here are some images of HOLOS pendants in different metal finishes of stainless bronze, antique bronze, precious metals are cast in copper, silver, and 14K gold. They make perfect holiday gifts. Purchases will also receive the gift of my guidebook to inner peace as well as a HOLOS lapel pin.

HOLOS Amulet Medium Stainless Bronze HOLOS Amulet mini cast 14K Gold with 14K Gold Chain

HOLOS Amulet Medium Copper HOLOS Amulet Large Sterling Silver with Adjustable Silver Chain

My two museum shows were closed during the COVID lockdowns, as well as the Ojai Studio Tour and Mini Tour. This challenged all artists and I was fortunate to take on 3D printing PPE supplies for the local hospitals. This kept me working, running my printer 24 hours a day. I was a part of a Ventura County team that produced 35,000 face shields for local hospitals and medical clinics.

I am most thankful for the support I received from the community of friends who helped support me with this PPE production.

For the Insight 20/20 exhibition at the Ojai Valley Museum, I wanted to use my HOLOS design to express that we are all connected. The entire planet is dealing with the COVID pandemic and I wanted to express that we are all cells of the human family. So I created in a 3D printed resin my sculpture which is viewable at the museum.

Oneness symbolizes our unity with everything. In 2013, I experienced this pattern in my meditation as the source of all creation. I named it HOLOS and created jewelry, stone, and glass sculptures with this infinite movement. The design signifies our connectedness, each of us are a part of the totality. Unity and Love bind everything together. Oneness awakens the awareness that living and working as One Humanity will build a culture of peace. Together we can shape peace and implement solutions for a better world. Oneness is 3d printed in resin with a honeycomb interior. We are one with everything.

I am presently working on stone birdbaths for gardens. This began during the hottest months here in Ojai and I knew that the birds and 4 legged animals would like a source for water. What I didn’t realize until I carved my first Basalt fountain, that I had created a Birdie Spa. My fountain has brought me great joy to all those that have viewed my videos. Though I can’t show them here on this blog, I’d be happy to have you view them on my Facebook page

I work by commission, so let me know if you’d like me to create a Birdie Spa fountain for you.

I thank you for your patronage of the arts, and if you would like a physical visit to my home gallery, or a virtual one by video, please let me know. My sculptures are mostly posted on my website, I can also be reached by email, or

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