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Kristen Clawson

Kristen's Blog

Ceramics is a way for me to create something that is both useful and beautiful and often all in one piece. My intention is twofold, to make beautiful and well designed pieces that feel good in the users’ hands as they use them daily. To this end, there is always a dance between balance, size, weight and proportion. When it all comes together, along with a complimentary glaze, then I have reached that goal.

I also immensely enjoy incorporating local natural and rustic materials such as interesting stones, driftwood, grasses and wire into my work. These additions take a piece from the functional realm and nudge it toward art. This is where I can leave the boundaries of function and focus on proportion and the visual impact of mixed materials interacting with each other.

Nature provides forms and offerings that inspire me to create original works of art. For three decades, I have enjoyed time out of the studio, wandering Ojai’s terrain, through its flora and fauna, discovering organic textures and shapes to compliment my ceramic works.



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