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Lucinda Yates: Draw, Paint, Share, Repeat.

I heard this voice exclaiming to my husband, I like drawing! I really do! I love it!

He laughed and I so did I as I realized that it was my voice. I am not gifted with a strong, confident inner voice proclaiming abundant artistic talent. Yet, the walls of my studio have dozens, and at times, hundreds of portraits in bold and vivid colors creating my audience.

New in the studio for Second Saturday, April 8th I will have new monotype portraiture prints which I created during a week long dive into printmaking at Spotted Dog Studio with renowned printmaker Micheal McCabe of New Mexico.

You will also find my latest expressionist watercolor portraits of people around Ojai as well as just off the easel new oil and acrylic paintings.

I really do love drawing. I love making art and most of all I love sharing it. My studio will be open on the second Saturday in April, so I hope you can pop by. I want to do what I love. Share art with you!

PS…..Bonus 12 other studio artists will be open in my neighborhood too.

Free txts and map right here on the website for the April 8th SS open studio tour.



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