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Lucinda Yates: When You Come to my Studio

I hope I see you at my studio July 9, 2022 for the OSA Second Saturday tour.

If I met you at a bar, I would probably ignore you. Does that sound harsh? Well, that is how I met my husband. It’s not that I am or am not interested in you, The thing is, that I figure things/people/ and art out by letting them unfold in front of me.

I don’t have a plan for my paintings. They seem to have a plan for me!  By that I mean,  I paint with the idea I want to finish, I  keep doing that over and over, painting one after another. Sometimes I deny I even painted them. Weird right? Then before I realize it I have been on a journey and created 60 one and a half inch by two inch paintings in oil of various subjects and I need to frame them. Or painted 200 12 minute portraits via zoom and have been asked to put them on public exhibition in the busiest intersection of town. The wildest ride? I made 5 million one of a kind art pins and raised 30 million dollars to help non profits all over the world. I suppose you could call me international artist. Imagine that, I just kept making one after another and now I’m in little town called Ojai.

It is perhaps reminiscent of hitchhiking across the country, I have an intention of getting to the west coast but I leave the path in charge of how I get there. The characters I meet along the way are somehow etched in my mind only to resurface through the secret inspirations I call paintings.

Come see the studio and see my most recent art and I will try not to ignore you!

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