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Mary Neville

Painting is a way for me to represent feelings in a visual form.

I have always been interested in emotions and feelings and am inspired by other people’s hidden layers. The skeletons in the closet. What can’t be expressed out loud. Experiences that are kept buried deep inside, even from ourselves. Engaging in the process of painting is to unearth and record my unspoken thoughts as a tactile representation of understanding life.

Along with paint I use a wide variety of materials, pencils, chalk, pen, paper scraps of old letters, receipts, poems; things others would discard, I repurpose.

I work on several pieces at the same time so a dialog is created, a conversation happening between the paintings that serve to create a story and allow thoughts to coalesce.

Discovering universal ideals and architypes of how we present ourselves to the world is endlessly fascinating to me.  Making art, and especially abstract art, gives me a voice and the freedom to be intuitive, gain self-awareness, have insights, and observe external perceptions without being literal but rather lyrical.  My work continually evolves and every piece is a personal time stamp of emotional evolution.

Instagram: @marynevilleart

(805) 798-4269

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