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My Studio: Before & After

I'm getting ready for my first open studio *ever* on May 12 as part of the Meiners Oaks 2nd Saturday tours and I think, more than anything, I'm excited to show off the studio itself.

My husband, Nick and I moved back to the valley after having spent 10+ years in Brooklyn.

10 years of fixing up rentals. 10 years with no outdoor space. 10 years confined to about 450 square feet of living space. We are so thrilled to be back!

Our first renovation project was converting the garage to a studio space for us to share.

September 2016

We went by word of mouth to pick a contractor, friend of a friend Matt Minor, who has since become one of our own very best friends. He raised the ceiling and added skylights which really opened up the space.

November 2016

He also brought on a number of awesome people to assist him, including Vera Long, who finished the beams and painted the walls and trim. Of course, she and I hit it off immediately and the rest is history. She even convinced me to apply for the Ojai Studio Artists, so it's thanks to Vera that I get to share my studio with you! She now lives just around the corner and will be having her open studio at the same time.

Nick and I painted the concrete floor and designed desks and shelving - which he built and I quickly took over (please come buy some pieces so Nick can have his half of the room back!!).

We still have a little work to do - the bathroom is pretty rough and needs a slop sink instead of a shower (who puts a shower in a garage?) and there are two little wall niches that need to be finished, but it's functional and we get a lot of use out of it. Also, that we met so many of our first new friends here due to its very creation is very meaningful to us.

April 2018

To see more about the work I do, please visit my website, personal blog, and my other posts:

the one about the Scorched Souls Exhibit and the one about the Art of the Egg.

And of course, come visit me Saturday May 12 from 10am - 3pm at 114 South Padre Juan Avenue. I'm located right between Enid + Edgar's Vintage and Farmer & the Cook.

I look forward to meeting you!

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