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Myra Toth: Making the Intangible Visible

To make the intangible visible and somewhat tangible - 

I have always had a love and fascination for nature's many worlds. Interacting with plants and animals of all sorts have mingled and inspired my life and art. My ceramic art has given voice to the amazing workings of the physical and metaphysical worlds within which we live . . . it has opened the doors of information and imagination of my mind.

Working with clay has been a lifelong path of curiosity and the intriguing investigation of its many techniques as well as the associated Earth Sciences.  I always find I am looking to see what is "just around the corner" and behind the next door.

I invite you to visit my personally designed studio and gallery, nestled in my canvas of 40 years of landscaping, and home to my equids, chickens and bees. 

You can preview your visit on my website

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