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Scorched Souls: The Blog Begins

Here's my piece: Altar to the Fire Gods. I've had this stone, Panther Stone from India for awhile and didn't know what to do with it. I just thought it was a really cool rock. It was the perfect stone to BE fire. The black stone is a very charred and stabilized rock that burnt up above the lake, where the ground is white like snow because it burnt so hot. The stone was very fragile.

We asked that everyone write something about the work they did: Here's mine:

When I was five, I ran from my first Fire. My mom said "Save the valuables!" I saved the vacuum cleaner, a new appliance which for some reason I treasured. Afterwards, I remember sitting in our burnt avocado grove, inhaling deeply, a smell I love to this day.

I respect Fire.

I’ve never seen towering, solar flare-like firestorms like the ones that swirled over Ojai. With Prescott and Santa Rosa, Fires have changed. Climate Change is Real. We’re in for more. But Worse.

Thus I venerate the Fire Gods. And the Fire Fighters who saved Ojai.

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