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Special items at the Amend Art Compound

Wyatt (@wyattamendceramics) will show his amazing ceramics. From sculpture to functional (lots of cups!!!), Wyatt's work is truly unique made with precision. And he and I often collaborate on unique pieces, I paint on his work using glass paints and decals, such as this lidded jar with pets. Others in the works!

And a pic of his amazing bowls that also hang on the wall with a painting ("Plein Air Painting on Mars") of his father's, Richard Amend.)

Richard will be talking about his upcoming residency at the Taft Gardens (photo of him working on a drawing at the garden).

Among paintings and drawings, I feature works on glass and usually, before the tours I continue my Vocabware Series. These are unique sets of glasses to which I apply original and vintage decals and painting. These are fun to do, a bit wacky and peeps like drinking from them! Come by to see us, the East End, Oct 8-10!

Susan Stinsmuehlen-Amend

Richard Amend 

Wyatt Amend

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