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Mary Neville: Spirit of Place

Updated: Apr 9

Although I am inspired by the essence of many places, I especially connect to spirit while in nature. Nowhere is there a more perfect place to me then the outdoors. It is more than physical landscape that captivates. Birdsong, waves crashing, the distant hum of bees. A shady path of through tall trees, filtered by the afternoon sun. Nature is turn-key. The earth comes together from gathered parts to make a better whole.


My paintings suggest elements of land, sky and sea. I notice the million shades of green in a swath of trees. The many-colored layers of mountains in the distance and how they overlap like a soft blanket. How the sea changes from diaphanous green to tempest black. Clear water and invisible air moody with atmosphere.

The layers I build are like re-occurring visits to favorite places. Circling back time after time, something is always a little different and overlaps with the past. With mark making and words I record a journal of my intuitional travels.

In my work, I hope to invoke a feeling of stepping into an experience that seems familiar yet a little otherworldly. Observational suggestions of personal places long remembered.

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