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Spring has sprung!

Native California poppies surround "Impact" at the studio

Sunset at the studio

bent wood fixture for furniture commission

welding fixture for custom furniture commission

Egg Ethos @ Ojai Valley Inn

Spring is always a wonderful time of year here in the Ojai Valley.

The orchard is in full bloom, as are pastures of native California poppies.

The scent of orange blossoms is intoxicating and there is a fine layer of pollen on everything.

Thankfully we received a fair amount of rain this season, which has really fueled the bloom.

Flowers aren’t the only thing hatching here at the studio, I am working on a variety of projects, including the just completed “Egg Ethos” now on display at the Ojai Valley Inn and a stainless steel “Moon” wedding arch, the center piece at a wedding Saturday at Soule Park.

For those interested in visiting a working sculpture studio, personal tours are available on a limited basis, please contact me to schedule.

Spring has sprung – looking forward to a fabulous 2019.

Douglas Lochner

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