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Carlos Grasso: The Magic of an Open Studio!...

I would like to invite you to a world of Magic, Colorful Visions, Enthralling Textures and Meaningful Insights called … ART! Come and visit (for FREE!) the Studios of 14 of the best artists in Ojai opening their “playgrounds” of painting (both contemporary and figurative), mixed media, photography, printmaking, fiber art, jewelry, installation and so many more surprises.

Visiting an artist’s studio is akin to entering a living museum, brimming with the tools of the trade, the secret alchemy and potions of color, threads, and metals that give life to the magical work of art. How often do we have the chance to visit and explore such a space in a year? Well, here’s one opportunity. Bring along your family, (including your children) and the artists will share their vision and secrets for the joy of all.

All welcome!

Carlos Grasso

It will be wonderful to meet you again and unveil the new pieces I’ve created.

Here’s a preview:

"Circular Poem

Mind Tapestry

The Birth of Inner Perception

Colorspace Installation, a 8 ft. tall 12 ft. long painting that changes with light!

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