Art Scholarships

Art scholarships are available to eligible high school juniors, seniors and college students who are:

Residents of Ojai and the Ojai Valley

Pursuing a career in visual arts, such as painting, graphic arts, photography, ceramics, sculpture, metal, fiber, art education, etc.

About Art Scholarships

Applicants are eligible to receive one scholarship award in a given year, with a maximum of four scholarships.

OSA has approximately $10,000 for awards in 2019. The monies were raised through fundraising efforts of the Ojai Studio Artists, the annual tour and other donations. OSA honors past and present artist members with the following special scholarships:

The Vivika and Otto Heino Scholarship
The Beatrice Wood Scholarship
The Ojai Scholarship (Ojai Resident only)

Professional Artists who are members of the Ojai Studio Artists will jury the entries. Selected work will be on display at Ojai City Hall from June 8 – August 30. Presentation of awards and opening display of winners’ works will take place at a Reception at City Hall.

Ojai Studio Artists (OSA) is a 501(c)(3) California non-profit organization, which strives to create an environment where artists thrive – professional and student alike and fulfill the potential of the arts to enrich lives and build community. As part of our educational outreach program we provide scholarships to promising Ojai art students at high school and college levels. Scholarships are financed by outside donations and funds raised during the Annual OSA Studio Tour. This year’s OSA Tour is on October 12, 13, and 14, 2019. Students with ID may attend Tour at no cost. In addition, there are free monthly Second Saturday mini tours from January to September.

Apply HERE and please read all instructions and follow checklist. For more information contact the scholarship committee chairs:

Carol Shaw-Sutton 310/386-6072 or
Susan Stinsmuehlen-Amend 805/844-8595

Important Information

  • Apply HERE
  • Teacher Recommendation Form
  • Deadline to apply: Friday,
    May 10. 5:00 PM
  • May 22 – applicants notified
  • Sat. June 1, 9-10. Deliver work to
    Ojai City Hall
  • Sat. June 8, 4-5pm. Reception/Awards at
    Ojai City Hall
  • Sat., Aug. 31, 9-10, pick up work at Ojai City Hall
  • Ojai City Hall Show from                June 8th – August 30th

Happy Students


My name is HeeEun Chung and I am an 18 year old senior at Westlake High School and planning on majoring in photography in college. I display my activism through art and I channel emotions through my photography. I began my interest in art since I was young, always doodling on the side and participating in art classes outside of school. Now, I am a growing artist who learn everyday the new things about art and life itself. I practice authenticity over perfection, and I admire truth more than disguise. I want to empower others through my work and have the audience to develop some abstract thinking about the way they perceive the world. I aim for my art to touch the hearts of some people then try to please a whole crowd. I have developed more as an artist and I am blessed to be able to learn more along the way from amazing art figures, such as my art teacher Ms. Bush. My goal is for the audience to grasp something from my art. It’s hard for people to ask me what my concept is for art because my art is not limited to one specific genre, but to many random categories. However, I find the beauty of art is to not define it, but to really get a sense of message that it tries to convey. I hope you get a sense of that when you look at my art today.

HeeEun Chung