The Art of the Egg, Douglas Lochner

by | Mar 3, 2019

What’s math got to do with it?

Ahh, the ubiquitous egg.

It seems so simple, yet from a geometry standpoint the shape is fairly complex.

After tracing a few real eggs, I decided to try a different approach, using math.

It was a fun little diversion after spending the day making egg stands for the other artists.

The geometry of an egg is quite lovely, a combination of circles and ellipses, held together with a triangle.
Although it is not quite the “golden ratio,” it comes pretty close.

Why use math you ask?

It allows me to scale the shape to any size I want with no loss of fidelity.

(The tiny amount of error inherent in tracing a chicken egg becomes magnified considerably when it is scaled to 4 or 5 feet tall.)

The math allows me to produce a “perfect” egg shape, and let’s face it, who doesn’t want a perfect egg?

What’s next?

You’ll have to wait till the unveiling to see.

I’m still experimenting with several different directions. Due to budget factors, I have yet to nail down the final concept.

Stay tuned, I may provide a few teasers as my egg journey continues.

Douglas Lochner


  1. Brian Berman

    Great example of how math and geometry are present in the egg shape and most everything in nature. Looking forward to your creativity with the egg and the base of support.


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