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Collage and Mixed Media


Acorn Series - variable sizes

In my artistic practice, I engage in the processes of foraging, designing and contemplation. These elements form the foundation of my artistic practice. However, my artistic identity extends beyond my personal expression; I am also deeply committed to community building. Throughout my career, I have been actively involved in various non-profit art organizations that strive to bring art to the public and support emerging artists gaining recognition. This dual role of artist and advocate allows me to gracefully straddle the line between self-expression and nurturing the artistic voices of others.

One recurring theme in my work is the exploration of the individual within a larger community. This concept serves as a source of inspiration and introspection. My “Acorn Series” exemplifies this idea. At first glance, all the acorn caps may appear identical, but upon closer inspection, each reveals its unique personality and expression. The variations in angle, size, and placement contribute to their individuality. While still emphasizing their interconnectedness within the community I strive to create.

A significant aspect of my artistic process involves the act of collecting. I find great joy in wandering through my patrons’ properties, scavenging for acorn caps. These pieces are inherently seasonal, as I can only collect them during the Fall. This temporal limitation imbues the “Acorn Series” with a sense of transience and fleeting beauty, reflecting the cyclical nature of life and the preciousness of moments captured.

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