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Fragments: blue and rust

Collage and Mixed Media

49" x 28"

"Fragments" is a visual exploration of the art of reconstruction. It is an endeavor to breathe new life into discarded remnants and weave them into a harmonious tapestry of renewed significance. This piece finds its origin in the remnants of hat felt discovered on the factory floor of my daughter’s millinery workshop, an unexpected source of inspiration and raw material.
The repurposed felt, transformed into a delightful surface, and served as the foundation for my creative journey. I love its malleability as I layered it with plaster and paint. The magic in assembling the misshapen pieces lies in their deceptive appearance. Though initially soft and pliable, they take on the illusion of rigid metal, inviting the viewers into a world where the boundaries between materiality and imagination blur.
In my artistic process, patinas become a storyteller—a chemical reaction to the metal pigments that imparts a sense of time and history. The gradual build-up of textures, marked by pauses and resumptions, invites viewers to unravel the layers and become entranced by the enigma embedded within each puzzle piece. This interplay of textures and patinas serves as a visual metaphor for the passage of time and the inherent beauty found in the scars of experience.

private collection

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