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Bruce Grabin

Impressionistic Oil



I paint impressionistic landscapes and contemporary rural scenes in oil.


I began painting California’s rugged landscapes in her beautiful Central Coast by San Luis Obispo in the early 90’s. As time went by, I was working for an international technology company – lots of stress and high pressure. Painting always pulled me back into what was real – It relaxed me and became my form of meditation.


Seventeen years ago, I moved to Ojai, the perfect place for an “In Plein Air” painter with it’s natural beauty… the golden grasslands and trees at the Ojai Meadows Preserve … the nearby Pacific Ocean at Rincon Point… and Ojai’s iconic “Pink Moment” on the Topa Topa Mountain’s. I prefer to be outdoors in nature, or in my backyard with the chickens, gardening, or working in my art studio/gallery.


I enjoy tackling subject matter that challenges me. Whether that be by the painting’s composition, color harmony, or design. I also enjoy experimenting with different painting applications and new techniques.


I strive to bring my paintings to life – be full of passion, so people can experience the warm sunshine on my face as I was panting, or a gusty cool wind, or getting caught in a rainstorm… I strive to capture that joy I felt being in that given place, at that moment in time, in a plein air painting.


I love it when someone connects to one of my paintings. I am proud that they have been displayed in galleries throughout California, Colorado and Wyoming. As well as private art collections around the World.


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