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Apr 15, 2024

My 50 year OLD Studio

What a perfect time to post a photo of my garden. In March I celebrated 50 years of living and having an Art Studio here in downtown Ojai...

Julie Grist

Apr 10, 2024

Julie Grist: Orange Moment

It's that time of year again when Ojai's east end orchards are fragrant with orange blossoms on the trees, and also heavy with luscious...


Apr 9, 2024

Mary Neville: Spirit of Place

Although I am inspired by the essence of many places, I especially connect to spirit while in nature. Nowhere is there a more perfect...


Apr 7, 2024

Gayel Childress: Just For Fun...painting in progress

As I am getting ready for the Second Saturday's Open Studio visit APRIL 13TH. I was cleaning my pallete with leftover paint onto a canvas...


Apr 7, 2024

Wyatt Amend: Mean Muggin’ Second Sat

I’ll be back in town for the April Second Saturday Studio tours and will have lots of new mugs and cups as well as a small selection of...


Apr 5, 2024

Gayel Childress: Death to the Butterflies

I wanted to call attention to the fact that Butterflies are on the endangered species list. Butterflies to me are the "Eye Candy" of...


Apr 5, 2024

Theodore Gall: Dancing Through Time

The floral images are all from my gardens. The base is red gum eucalyptus that I planted on my property 30 years ago. It died recently,...


Mar 31, 2024

Christopher Noxon: The joy of printing (and loosening up)

Excited to open the studio April 13 and share a bunch of new work, including a dozen-or-so monotypes made with OSA superstar Linda...


Mar 30, 2024

Sherry Loehr: On the Fly.....

Normally, birders get up at dawn, don binoculars, floppy hats and look for birds. All I had to do was open the front door.....! From eggs...


Mar 29, 2024

Cindy Pitou Burton: All in Magical Ojai

Returning home from an evening with friends from a great Digital Pop event at the Ojai Valley Museum to wonderful food at The Noodle...

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