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Bernadette DiPietro

Bernadette DiPietro

Like the seasons my artistic inspiration changes. I look forward to the California spring when my chickens supply me with an abundance of eggs that I carefully gather from their nesting box to decorate. Using a tiny egg pump I carefully remove the contents and apply melted wax with a fine tool and liquid dye to creating patterns that have a message. I am thankful to my relatives for teaching me this heartfelt tradition at a young age. During the heat of the summer I create collages from flyers, magazines, and old books. As a veracious collector my eyes are always on the lookout for images, colors, textures and shapes that I combine to tell a story. The fascination with paper and collage offers me the opportunity to deconstruct and reconstruct in a playful way. Spreading out all my bits and pieces I have collected for years fill my soul during the fall of the year. It is then that I create assemblages by combining odd fragments to build works of art. It was the artist Joseph Cornell’s intricate, ornate boxes that lead me on this exciting and stimulating journey. You will find me traveling the world on a small ship in winter with Silversea cruise line teaching Creative Arts to their passengers. Throughout my travels I keep an eye out for laundry lines as I wander the back streets of foreign countries. In 1958 I won my first lime green, plastic camera and began photographing my mother hanging the wash of our large, extended Italian family. I still love looking through that small opening and creating visual arrangements. It is my picture that I paint against the sky-an instinctive, moving sculpture inspired by mother. Video Producer: Pamela Grau Director: Mary Neville Cinematographer: Zack Haskell Editor: James Ian Gilbert Thank you to the Ojai Arts Commission and The Ojai Studio Artists for their support
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