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Brian Berman: Art and Peace Building in Poland

Updated: May 22

Our hopes that the war in Ukraine would end during our 1.5 years volunteering in Poland. Lisa and I recently returned to Ojai to reconnect with our community. Back in October 2022, I closed down my studio here before leaving for Poland to assist with the One Humanity Institute and the House of Hope, in Oswiecim/Auschwitz. During my volunteering, I realized that creating art is essential for my health and self-expression. I created 5 new cast glass sculptures and a series of 2D wall artworks, some of which I will have on display.  


This June 8th mini tour will be my return to OSA art lovers and I will display some of my artworks along with Pam Grau’s beautiful art. Most of my art is traveling on a container ship from Poland back to California this summer. We are looking for our next home here in Ojai so if you know of a long-term rental for us, please let me know.

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