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Brian Berman: The End is Just the Beginning of Something Else

After 11 years living here is Ojai, Lisa and I will be leaving for our new life and work in Poland. We've been living at 631 Palomar Road for over 10 years, showing my Art for Peace to so so many, and now it comes to a sudden end. Our rental home was sold and we have to move out, unfortunately by October 1. The Studio Tour is October 8-10, and this is a great sadness that we won't be showing my artwork in this home, unless the new owners and I work something out. This is a long shot so please cross your fingers. In the mean time we are opening our home for Art Sales from 10-3pm on these dates August 27, September 10 & 24. I would love to leave many of my artworks with you. My two websites where you can order online are and

So why Poland and what will we be doing there? When we knew that we have to move out of our home, I announced it on a Unity Earth group that I'm active in. The following day, I received an outrageous proposal to come and work with the core team in Oswiecim, Poland for the

One Humanity Institute. I had worked with Dr. Nina Meyerhof 33 years earlier for World Peace and Sustainable Development, her proposal to move to Poland and work with the Ukrainian refugees at the House of Hope, felt like the next chapter of our lives. So when the door closed on our home in Ojai, this door opened. We love living in Ojai, and we will bring our love to all those we meet along the way.

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