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Carlos Grasso

photo: Kristan Altimus

"What some might see as nothing but a thorn piece of canvas or a rusty sheet of metal to be discarded, I visualize as the perfect ingredient for my next piece of work. What others might view as worthless scraps of wood or slit fabric, I envision as works of art. They speak to me just as much as my paints and brushes, sometimes asking and sometimes flat-out demanding to be included in my art. They form the blood and bones of my current creations.

Artists—in all branches and disciplines—are the main voice of the collective (as well as the individual) unconscious, and one of the purposes of art is to bring to the surface, to our awareness, all the processes that run deep, embedded, and often silently ignored. As the ancient philosopher once said, the unexamined life is not worth living.."

Carlos Grasso studied Music, Graphic Arts and Painting in Buenos Aires, Paris and Los Angeles. Visiting his studio one experiences the broad range of his work: abstract, representational, minimalist, expressionist, monochromatic, colorful... defining him as a visually insatiable experimental artist. He can be a staunch realistic or an explosive expressionist, a minimalist or a mixed media textural explorer. He is not confined to any medium, adapting his methods to his concepts, shifting easily between paint, mixed media and conceptual work.

9 Minute film about Carlos' technique filmed by EMS in 2015

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