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Carlos Grasso – ” Mind Tapestries” New Series

Hello Art Lovers,

Some weeks ago I started a new exploration into calligraphy, shapes, color and design. The result was and is the “Mind Tapestries” series. Every artist reveals her/his own psychology in every piece of art created (my teacher and friend David Leffel says “every painting is a self-portrait”) plus artworks also reverberate the collective social unconscious of the moment. At this time, color (or the absence of it in some of the pieces) is the fundamental principle that dictates the series.

The rest of the series will be shown at the Ojai Art Center in May where I’ll be having the main room. In the meanwhile, if you are interested, studio visits are available to preview them live and eventually take one home, contact me if interested. These two images correspond to Mind Tapestry #4 and #5, acrylic on canvas and their measurements are 44″ x 34” each (not framed and also with a white 3” canvas border around).

Studio visits possible.

Wishing you all well,

Carlos Grasso

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