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Julie Grist shows vintage telephones in Landline: Call Me

Updated: Apr 9

Grist's paintings of telephones, now on exhibit at Feros Ferio Winery in downtown Ojai, pay homage to the landline. The stalwart and humble hardware that once graced our living rooms and kitchen walls in bright reds, avocado greens and princess pinks. 

"I love old phones," Grist said. "Their weight and colors and personalities. Feeling the heavy receiver in one’s hand, the slow wait for the rotary dial to spin around, the clunk of receiver on hang up."

The oil paintings on cradled board will hang in the wine tasting room until April 11, 2023. A percentage of sales will go to the Ojai Studio Artists. The winery owner Nigel is happy to pour his wines made from local and Santa Ynez vineyards and share stories; he is also Chair of the Ojai Arts Commission and promises more rotating shows on the winery's walls. 

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