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Leslie Clark: Second Saturday Party

Second Saturday March 9 was so much fun. Since the weather was uncertain I did not set up my work outside as I often do. I devoted my living room to what I paint when I stay home--native plants and flowers from my garden. These were painted on rusted metal panels.

Guests sampled some tasty snacks and moved on to the Nomad theater.

to see photos of the many countries I have visited to get inspiration for my paintings and movies I have made for the Nomad Foundation. Moving on to my studio I did demonstrations of how I develop paintings from a travel journal to rusting the metal panels--like magic the rust appears in seconds and I make puddles or create patterns with stencils set in the rusting solution..

My guests tried on jewelry or jean jackets and listened to my stories. It was a glorious day and my garden was in bloom so at the end of the day we slipped out to the patio for a glass of wine.

I hope you all had fun visiting the studios and seeing Ojai's creative spirit. I look forward to being able to visit other studios in April.

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