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Leslie Clark: Traveling Closer to Home

Updated: Feb 29

My work has always been based on travel. Covid has shrunk it to a smaller scope. I just finished three weeks exploring California’s Parks; Sequoia, Yosemite, Shasta, Tahoe, Redwoods, Pinnacles. What a glorious state we live in. The mighty Sequoias were my first inspiration from this trip. The worlds largest and one of its oldest trees. How can you paint a tree so tall—a vertical triptych was my solution. 

My international travels are not over. But while stuck at home, I have spent much of the Covid lockdown reliving my 25 years in Africa by writing a book about it. It is not yet published, but if you’d like to hear about it here is the podcast Desert Tracks with Leslie Clark for Talk of the Town an interview by Bret Bradigan.

I went through my journals, sketches and partially finished paintings and dragged them out to give them a new life. 

Come by on August 13, OSA’s Second Saturday tour and see some new paintings and old, hear some stories and see the vintage Airstream (restored å la Leslie) that took us on our tour of California.

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