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Advertise in the 2024 OSA Tour Book

The printed full-color OSA Tour book features businesses from all around the Ojai Valley and provides visitors and tour participants with the maps they need to navigate the tour. In addition, an online version of the book is provided to tour registrants, which includes clickable links right to your business or organization. Last year we had over 3,000 registrants to the Fall Tour, and many people keep the booklet year-round as a handy guide to Ojai artists - and YOUR business. 

Submission deadline for advertising: July 15, 2024
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Fall Tour Book 2024

Submission deadline
July 15, 2024 

For over forty years, Ojai Studio Artists have produced an Open Studio Tour in October. Last year we had over 3,000 registrants who all received our tour book. In addition, our book is online to all registrants with clickable links. 

Please submit your advertisement via this form. 

Thank you for supporting OSA and the artistic community. 

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