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Sylvia Raz



Truth is, I'm not a tormented artist that purges herself on her dolorous art. I'm a relatively happy person with a good sense of humor. For many years I created "sellable" work that could adorn people's living rooms, but one day it dawned on me that I did not want to do tht anymore because the feelings that I need to express come from the shadowy side of life.


The problems we face have not changed. Class conflicts, racism, injustice, wanton, neoclonolinalism, lack of freedom, consumption, enviromental spoilage, persistant sexism and many other global realities have not changed.


I like to confront people with these questions. Is it society's failure to address our problem. Is it indifference, passivism or impotence? Or should we figure out a different way in order for our message to be noticed? I feel that, as an artist in this society, you have to use brutal means in order for your message to be noticed. And that's why I want to do just that, to provoke people, to poke them in their hearts, to solicit a reaction, to invite them to the dialog, to challenge them to a meditation on human responsibility, to become more sensitive to our society and what we are doing to it. It was said "What will not survive is shouting, what will survive is whispering."


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