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Andrea Haffner: Evolutions

After having shifted into a somewhat quieter mode during the past two years, 2022 has been a full and busy time for me and my work. I recently had the honor of exhibiting at the Smithsonian Craft Show at the historic National Building Museum in DC. It was an amazing space to show my work, and it was gratifying and inspiring to be in the company of incredible artists and meet so many appreciators of contemporary craft. Also, DC in spring is beautiful!

In the studio I continue to grow my Small World series, born during the early part of the pandemic when the world felt so small. This series includes pieces that expand beyond the frames I use in much of my other work, utilizing natural materials as the containers for embedded compositions. They each stand alone as small microcosms. As an offshoot of this series, I recently began making a series of small sculptures in yellow bronze. Castings of bottle tree pods are patinated and then filled with small nature compositions in resin. They fit nicely in the palm, and allow for another opportunity to highlight the small wonders of the natural world.

I’m looking forward to opening my studio on June 11th as part of OSA’s Second Saturday tours in Meiners Oaks. I love to share my space and process, and look forward to showing new work in both sculpture and jewelry. Come say hello!  ~ Andrea

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