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Christine Beirne: How to you paint plein air without an easel?

Do you ever have those days where it seems as if you're not only late but forgot some important items at home? Well, about a month ago I took a workshop with Jove Wang in Santa Barbara. We all met for the first day at the marina. Well... I was late. It was muggy, cloudy and hot. If Jove wasn't such a good painter - I might've skipped. I arrived about an hour late (parking was a problem!) and as I was walking with my backpack to the docks, I realized I had left my easel at home!! I thought, oh well... I can figure something out. Then, I realize I didn't have any of my palette knives (they were in my easel) or a palette! (Which is part of the easel) It was tempting to turn back... but I wasn't going to let any of that stop me.

I saw my friend (and fellow Ojai Studio Artist) Spark Taylor. She had a palette knife I could borrow and she was painting against a wall. So I used the wall to hold my piece and turned around often. I used another canvas board as my palette.

Surprisingly, even if everything working against me - the painting turned out well!

Come and see this and other new paintings during our annual tour! I'll be open all 3 days.

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