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When I first started doing rockstacking, I wanted to do something that was a step beyond the rockstacks you see out hiking. Use more interesting stone than our local sandstone. But I worried about where to find unique pieces. Hah! Now I have too much of it! Here are a few beauties I've collected, but hesitate to work with. How can one even mess with them? They're so sculpturally beautiful on their own!

So I'm going to include these three gorgeous stones in some sculptures which may or may not be done by next Saturday....

Here's one underway....

That's petrified wood I'm toying with using on top. Beneath it is a cool chartreuse slag glass that is coming out of China and comes in colors American slag just never comes close to -- and a chunk of metal from a military bombing site in Utah (acquired at Quartzite Gem Show). The stone is pinned into a massive chunk of petrified wood as the base. Come see the finished pieces (I hope ;) next Saturday, March 11.

BTW: People often ask where I get my rock. I do pick stones and boulders up after the rains, on beaches where it is legal... I buy sculptural-carving quality stone from Art City in Ventura.

The pretty grey granite stone above is from Prime Building Materials in Oxnard. They are not only really nice/respectful to women (not always the case with other stone vendors), but have lots of open pallettes to choose from, huge selection of flagstone in wonderful colors. And recently, they now have a big pile of boulders I can hand choose from! Christmas in May!!!

Quartzite Gem Show (main event in January) is a hoot. Road Warrior for Seniors speeding around on 3-wheeled motorcycles, long grey hair flying. Worth a visit to the Used Book Store. Won't tell you why … Eye Opening....;)

More to come....

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