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Elaine Unzicker

Have you ever found yourself sleeping away in the early morning only to be woken up by a loud crash of thunder? Now, let’s just add that the house shook completely, so much so, that the bed shook too.

And, just before the thunder, your eyes were closed, right? But, you are in that partial wake, partial sleep state, and you happen to notice a quick flash behind your eyelids like a very bright spark. Lightning even when your eyes are closed! Exciting, huh?

This happened early this week here in Ojai where rain is an infrequent event. And, I happen to like thunderstorms being from the midwest where it’s a common occurrence. But, I guess I’ve forgotten the power behind a storm; the electricity going thru the air before the actual storm. Needless to say I got up!

Shimmering Free – My First Dress Photographs by Allen Bryan

I felt inspired to write about this as creativity is often like this. I’m working along on various projects and an idea just pops into my head out of nowhere, so it seems. But, really, it’s been building up over years of pursuing my art. Sometimes a piece will be completed quickly and dramatically without question just like that lightning bolt. In fact, I’m trying to catch up with it and complete it so I can see it finished. And others, let’s just say, they simmer and stew in the air like clouds causing all kinds of havoc and chaos in your head along with a lot of frustration thrown into the mixture.

“Shimmering Free” the first dress I created is an example of the lightning idea coming thru, especially since the idea in the beginning was a new top. Well, nothing doing, it just had to be a dress and wow! What a dress! It went on its own show tour without me; won an award, and appeared in many newspapers and magazines as well. So, “Shimmering Free” now lives in Milwaukee with a wonderful woman who loves it.

Armored Dreams (Photo by Deborah Lyon, Model: Katherine McClelland) and the Triangle Dress (at SOFA in Chicago)

Oh, and that simmering frustration piece is the most recent piece, titled “Armored Dreams”. Yes, I’ve written about it before, but to take approximately 5 years from conception in a dream to completion. Maybe, I need a vacation before taking on another project like it. But, I now have ideas for two more dresses that relate to this one. Of course, they are not started yet; it all takes time. But, my point is I’ll have it on display at this upcoming studio tour for you to savor. And, yes, it appeared in the Ojai Quarterly recently so it’s been in print as well.

So, stop by and visit with me. Take a look at my creations in my studio for in depth studies. And, ask me questions, questions, questions. I love talking with visitors about my art. And, even better, please try something on. Could be as simple as a pair of earrings or maybe feel the hugging weight of a vest. I’ll be here for you! I also have gift boxes for those treasured jewelry gifts around Valentine’s Day. The tour is Feb. 9th just before Valentine’s Day. See you soon!


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