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Elaine Unzicker: Tour - This Weekend!

If you're visiting Bloomington, Illinois this month, please stop in the McLean County Art Center to see the Student Mentor & Student Exhibition. Featuring the art of Dennis French, my professor; myself and several other students he mentored over the years. It's worth the visit! Here's a some of my work on display to give you a taste. But lots of you are here in California

 this weekend - So why not visit me at the Ojai Studio Artists Tour. It's free this year and I'll be OPEN ALL THREE DAYS, including Monday. I'll have a selection of wearable art and jewelry for you to see and try on. It's always a fun experience to drape the mesh over yourself. And, besides, how often do you get to speak to an artist in person? And, when will you have the opportunity to see an artist studio along with their artwork? And, you can explore Ojai all at the same time. It's a win, win, win! See you very soon! Elaine

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