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Emily Thomas

I am an abstract painter based in Ojai, CA, focusing on landscape as a point of departure.

Maine is where I grew up, and went to college in New Hampshire where I received a BFA in studio art, concentrating in printmaking and drawing. I love the printmaking process and continued to work with intaglio and lithography after I graduated. Eventually, finding a printmaking studio to work in became difficult, so I started painting more and it seemed to be a good transition from printmaking. Some of my work on paper is layered on existing prints, and I incorporate that whenever I can.

Most of my inspiration is from nature and color, especially the color of overcast mornings and how the light affects the clarity of detail, creating a blurred environment and vibrant tone.

Subconsciously absorbing colors of the coasts and mountains I run and backpack in, my work takes on an ethereal quality. Simplifying complex ideas, layering textures and colors while creating a minimal composition are of special interest to me.

I believe what isn’t there is as defining as the elements that are present.

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