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Eric Dubnicka

I believe in proaction, and I believe in the value of art as a community builder and I can’t wait to participate and get to know those within this renowned area that’s home to so many creators. I have many skills and abilities that may be of value to OSA members and the mission. With ten years in the museum world in exhibition design, curating and prep, along with producing many of my own gallery and pop-up shows, I have a deep well of fine art installation and preparatory knowledge to draw from, as well as nearly 20 years of dedicated art studio practice exhibiting paintings, sculpture and photographs in the upper Midwest. I’ve lived in and was on the board of an artist cooperative for eight years, with a few others began a multi-use artist’s nonprofit as well as having contributed to many functions via time or donation of artwork. Frankly, I’d like to think of myself as an important facet of the Duluth art community and a valuable asset to many artists and galleries in the area... but that cold and snow though! So here I am hoping to do the same.

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